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Passion and Principle: Ground Effective Data Use

An article from Fall 2008 issue of JSD about how data can only be used effectively in the right context.

Induction Discussion Prompts for Administrators

Created during a Professional Learning and Networking session of funded program leaders in NW Illinois, these prompts could be used for whole group or small group discussion during an administrator tr

Mentor Selection Rubric

Rubric created by induction leaders at the Monroe/Randolph ROE for use by administrators to improve the quality of the mentor selection process.

Admininistrator Action Plans

Governors State University has established an ongoing administrator learning community in the area of induction and mentoring in each of our 12 partner districts.

Sample Program Coordinator Job Descriptions

The sample job descriptions attached were provided by a few ISBE funded programs to assist those considering the possibility of creating or modifying a program coordinator position.

Quality Induction: An Investment in Teachers

Quality Induction: An Investment in Teachers
By Ellen Moir & Janet Gless

Pre- and Post- Beginning Teacher Surveys

Attached are pre and post surveys for beginning teachers that the Associated Colleges of Illinois use in their induction and mentoring program to assess changes that occur over the year.

State Approved Program Requirements Powerpoint

The attached PP was prepared by the DuPage County ROE 19 to speak with districts who are interested in creating a "state approved" program.

The First Years of Teaching: Disparities in Perceptions of Support

Andrews, S. P, Gilbert, L. S., & Martin, E. P. (2006). The first years of teaching: Disparities in perceptions of support. Action in Teacher Education, 28, 4-13.

Strategies and Sources of Support for Beginning Teachers of Science and Mathematics

Friedrichsen, P., Chval, K. B., & Teuscher, D. (2007). Strategies and sources of support for beginning teachers of science and mathematics. School Science and Mathematics, 107, 5, 69-81.

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