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INTC Conference Exhibitor Information

6th Annual INTC Induction and Mentoring Conference
"Continuing the Continuum"
March 1-2, 2011
Hilton Springfield

Induction Program Exhibit Introduction
This year, exhibits will allow programs to share take-it-and-use-it tools—such as a novice-teacher survey, an administrator action plan, or guidelines and criteria for mentor recruitment and selection. Share the tool(s) for what works best with your program. Exhibitors will provide handouts that other programs can take, adapt, and use. Displays will also include posters that show how the tool can be used.

What is something new, unique, or interesting that your program is doing? What tools are you most proud of? What would other programs—either those just starting up or those looking to move to the next level—find most valuable?

Reception and Exhibit Prizes Drawing Information
As in previous years, the exhibits will be on display on Tuesday (March 1) in the Rendezvous Room. A reception will be held in the Rendezvous Room on Tuesday evening from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. so that attendees have a structured time to look at the exhibits. Traditionally, nearly all conference attendees come to the reception. They are provided with a buffet (sponsored by AFT and IEA) and a cash bar; attendees are also given two drink tickets. While at the reception, attendees freely circulate through the exhibits and pick up handouts.

This year, attendees will provide feedback to exhibitors focusing on the tool and display. Attendees have a greater chance of winning a prize based on the number of feedback sheets submitted. Exhibitors will receive their feedback sheets and also have a chance to win a prize from the drawing which will be held at the end of the Tuesday evening reception.

Guidelines for Preparing Your Display
  • Your exhibit should be based around a tool that you would like to share with conference attendees. The following examples are not all-inclusive but can give you some ideas of possible tools:
    • a pre-survey or end-of-year survey for first-year teachers
    • a list of topics you cover during your novice teacher workshops and notes on how the workshops run
    • a contact log that mentors and new teachers fill out to ensure accountability and measure growth
    • your administrator action plan and goals
    • a list of roles and responsibilities for mentors or guidelines and criteria for mentor recruitment and selection
    • an individual induction plan or individual growth plan for new teachers checklists for mentors or new teachers
  • Bring 200 copies of your tool. You may want to make sure that your tool fits on a standard sheet of paper, double-sided; or you may distribute a handout that explains a longer tool and provide a website where conference attendees can access the full version. Handouts should include the name of your program, the oversight organization(s), and contact information.
  • Create a display board that will fit within a three foot area. The display board should focus on how you use your tool, how others could use it, and other practical implications. For example:
    • If you are providing a research or program evaluation tool (e.g. an end-of-year survey for new teachers), you could show the aggregated results of your last survey and how this survey has provided data to help you improve your program.
    • If you are providing a contact log, you could provide some examples of how contact logs look and perhaps an example of the record-keeping system your administrators use to record these logs. Examples should not include real names.
    • If you are providing a list of topics you cover during professional development workshops, you could show more details on the workshops’ content along with quotes from novice teachers on how useful the workshops were.
  • The display board should also contain general information about your program to help conference attendees learn about you and put your tool in perspective. This general information could include the program name, oversight organization, geographic location and locale, age of program and a brief history, program size (# of districts, # of schools, # of new teachers and mentors); funding sources; and/or partnering organizations.

Exhibit Setup and Timeline

  • Exhibits may be set up any time prior to the start of the 5:00 p.m. reception on March 1.
  • Exhibits will be showcased during the reception from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. and then remain on display through the following morning. They may be removed following the scheduled lunch on March 2.
  • Exhibitors should remove any valuables during the overnight hours and when the exhibit does not have a program representative present; neither the Hilton Springfield nor INTC is responsible for any missing or damaged items.
  • Each program exhibit will have three feet of table space; there will be two exhibits at each six foot table.
  • Exhibitors will not have power available.
  • Optional, but not required, is to have one person at the exhibit area during the evening reception. Exhibits are limited to one representative at the table to avoid overcrowding during the reception. Following the reception and for the following morning, no representative needs to remain at your exhibit.

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