Beginning Teacher Conference / Illini EDge Call for Proposals

The Illinois New Teacher Collaborate (INTC) invites you to present one or more breakout sessions! 

The Illinois New Teacher Collaborative invites you to share your expertise with early career Illinois teachers. This summer, we are considering how to help new teachers engage with their many communities - those local and professional.

We are expecting over 125 new teachers who will have just finished year one of teaching, and 40 teachers who are about to embark on their first year. 

The conference will be held on July 17 & 18 at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, IL. For more information, go to the conference page



Align Your Conference Proposal to the Critical Issues Strands

Your session(s) should address one or more of the Conference Strands listed detailed below. Consider the questions listed under each Strand as inspiration for your proposal.

These strands, selected from the National Board's 5 Core Propositions, provide the architecture for our conference sessions.

Teachers are Committed to Students and Their Learning

How do early career educators get to know and understand their students and their families?

How do new teachers enter established communities?

How do early career educators make knowledge accessible to all students in culturally relevant ways?

How do early career teachers provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and showcase their abilities, both in and out of traditional school settings?

How do teachers navigate their school community to marshal resources for their students’ learning?

How does knowing my community help me teach my students?

Teachers Know the Subjects they Teach and how to Teach Those Subjects to Students

How can early career educators are continually growing in their subject area?

How do we elevate and celebrate the knowledge of early career educators as it connects to their communities?

What disciplinary knowledge and methods do teachers have access to in collaboration with others?

What resources do teachers have for their subjects in their own communities?

How can early career teachers best organize their resources, for themselves and for their students?

How do early career educators effectively collaborate with others in other disciplines?

Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning

In what ways have digital platforms expanded access to manage and monitor student learning?

How can teachers creatively repurpose time and resources to provide more opportunities for students to find peer-to-peer support of their learning?

What formative assessment opportunities are available to help inform teachers' work with students?

How can early career teachers communicate and partner with families around student goals and progress?

How can teachers help their students self-assess, self-monitor, and work with their peers to grow?

What ways can teachers work with community organizations to better support student learning?

Plan Your Session

The breakout sessions are scheduled for 70 minutes each and will be the heart of our conference. Our proposed sessions times are (possible changes may apply):

Monday, July 17
Session A 1:00-2:10
Session B 2:30-3:40

Tuesday, July 18
Session C 9:00-10:10
Session D 10:20-11:30

Modeling Best Practice. We strongly encourage you to develop your session content using a variety of interactive and engaging strategies. A time for Q&A or some type of audience participation is important. Early career teachers should leave your session with an idea or strategy they can use.

Technology. Please bring your own laptop.  All rooms have Internet access and an overhead LCD projector.  Breakout seating will be theater style (chairs). All breakout rooms will have a screen and projector. Please provide your own computer and adaptor/dongle. INTC will supply wireless internet connections in every breakout room and microphones for rooms requiring amplification.

Materials. To save your making paper copies, INTC can post your presentation on the INTC BTC Conference Archive for attendees to access during your presentation and after the conference. Please send the electronic file in advance to

If you would like to have printed handouts, please plan on bringing your own. Sessions will have an unknown number of attendees; conference participants do not sign up for sessions in advance. With that said, the rooms can only hold 40 people max.

Returning Presenters.  If you have presented at the Beginning Teacher Conference before and would like to present something similar contact Annie Insana at to receive a copy of your presentation description.

Submit Your Proposal

Preference will be given to those proposals that involve early career teachers (years 1-3) as co-presenters with experienced teachers/leaders. Preference will also be given to people who have attended the Beginning Teacher Conference or Illini EDge in the past.

The deadline for proposal submissions is [UPDATED] May 30, 2017, and you will be notified of your acceptance by email on or before date [UPDATED] June 9, 2017.

You and any co-presenters do not register for the conference. There is no registration fee for presenters. INTC will register you once your presentation is accepted.  

Submissions must include the following:

  • Contact information for presenter and co-presenters
  • Presentation title (10 word limit)
  • Session abstract (80-100 words)
  • Session description (500 words or less): Please explain 1) how this session applies to the Critical Issues Strand(s) you selected, 2) what the session objectives are, and 3) how you anticipate an audience of those finishing their first year and those anticipating their first year will engage with your session.  

Note: In order to ensure that we cover a wide range of topics that will appeal to the new teachers in attendance, not all presenters who submit an application may be asked to present.